Wyoming Sky

NaBloPoMo 2007November 13, 2007

Wyoming Sky

I painted the picture above in January at a program at the Jesuit Spiritual Center designed to help me incorporate visual art into my prayer life. This piece was the result of an exercise I didn’t even want to do. We were directed to squish globs of acrylic paint along the side of a canvas and then draw a straightedge across the width. I don’t like working with acrylics and I think I was kind of overstimulated by the time we got to this exercise. I followed the steps, and then set the canvas aside while I went up to my room to do some writing.

When I returned a few hours later, I looked at the piece with more interest than I’d had before. The colors had taken on something of a landscape shape — sky, mountains, water, ground. The orange sky and the purple mountains made me think of Wyoming. I had submitted my application to Jentel just before I left for Wernersville.

I took the piece home and did use it for the next several days as an object of meditation with my morning C&C (Coffee and Contemplation). I held as an intention my hopes for the outcome of the admission board’s consideration of my application.

After they called me in March with their offer, I had it framed.

And the day after tomorrow . . .

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One thought on “Wyoming Sky

  1. I like this piece-simple, reflective, less parenthetical.
    And your acrylic! Wondering if you added the glowing disc after writing?

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