September 26, 2014

this the week of our son’s first
upright wobble from kitchen

to living-room    and he begins planting
tiny Os wherever his fleshy fingers

can reach
— Geffrey Davis, b. (c.) 1970s
    American poet
from “The Epistemology of Cheerios”


PumpkinLynnToday is the 29th anniversary of the birth of Evelyn Rose DeAngelis, who now goes by Lynn DeAngelis April. I have written about her many times, but not often on her actual birthday.The images at left are two that I use often. She is quite fond of the one with the “armpit dress.”  The pumpkin costume is actually a set of pajamas. I had no idea when I put her in it that orange would become her favorite color.

When I do write about Lynn near her birthday, I often use quotations from poems or stories that look back with nostalgia at a child’s early life. It’s a time to express regret at the haircut I installed to frame that funny face while wishing those days were still here. Geffrey Davis’s memory of his son’s trail of Cheerios popped up this morning entirely by coincidence as the poem-a-day selection from The Academy of American Poets. It seemed appropriate.

She’s no longer climbing the toddler-sized slide in an armpit dress nor standing upright on sturdy legs while hardly making a dent on the cushion of an upholstered chair. What is she doing these days?

She’s blogging. She describes herself as a recipe developer and food photographer. Her ideas make delicious results, and her pictures are terrific. Here’s a link to her Pumpkin Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites. Check it out!


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