What I Read During National Short Story Month 2012

Here is the list of stories that I read during National Short Story Month, 2012. If the date has a link, it points to the piece I wrote about it for Markings. If the title has a link, the story is available online. If the author’s name has a link, the author has a personal website.

05/01/2012 — “In Case We’re Separated” and “Not Yet, Not Yet.” Alice Mattison. in In Case We’re Separated. William Morrow, 2005.
05/02/2012 — “Billy Goats.” Jill McCorkle. Best American Short Stories 2002. Originally published in Bomb.
05/03/2012 — “The Miracles of Vincent van Gogh.” Shann Ray. in American Masculine. Graywolf Press, 2011.
05/04/2012 — “Reverend Thornhill’s Wife.” Richard Bausch. in Something Is Out There. Knopf, 2009.
05/05/2012 — “Prowlers.” Charles Baxter. in A Relative Stranger: Stories. W.W. Norton, 1990.
05/06/2012 — No Jumping on the Bed! Tedd Arnold. Dial. 1987.
05/07/2012 — “Rope.” Katherine Ann Porter. in Flowering Judas and Other Stories. 1930.
05/08/2012 — “Insurance.” James F. Sidel. in Glimmer Train. Spring 2012.
05/09/2012 — “Implementation.” Courtney Maum. online at Volume 1 Brooklyn: Sunday Stories. September 25, 2011
05/10/2012 — “Galatea.” Karen Brown. in Best American Short Stories 2008. Originally published in Crazyhorse.
05/11/2012 — “Out of Body.” Jennifer Egan. in Best American Short Stories 2011. Originally published in Tin House.
05/12/2012 — “The Hare’s Mask.” Mark Slouka. in Best American Short Stories 2011. Originally published in Harper’s.
05/13/2012 — “A Mother in Mannville.” Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. originally published in 1936.
05/14/2012 — “Fat Girl.” Andre Dubus. in What Are You Looking At? The First Fat Fiction Anthology.
05/15/2012 — “Disappearing.” Monica Wood. in What Are You Looking At? The First Fat Fiction Anthology.
05/16/2012 — “Who Buried the Baby.” Lucy Corin. in The Entire Predicament. Tin House Books. 2007.
05/17/2012 — “Not When a Day Can Be This Good.” James Sepsey. in Glimmer Train. Fall 2007.
05/18/2012 — “Everybody’s Favorite Baby.” Anna North. Glimmer Train. Spring 2012.
05/19/2012 — “The Caves of Oregon.” Benjamin Percy. in Glimmer Train. Fall 2007.
05/20/2012 — “Flux.” Mary Morris. in Ploughshares.
05/21/2012 — “Yielding Readily to Pressure.” Brian Buckbee. in Mid-American Review. Volume XXXII.
05/22/2012 — “The Things They Carried.” Tim O’Brien. originally published in Esquire, 1986.
05/23/2012 — “Beautiful My Mane in the Wind.” Catherine Petroski. in  I Know Some Things: Stories About Childhood by Contemporary Writers. Faber ad Faber. 2000.

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