Resurrection Update

May 1, 2006

I’m back. Not that there’s been a clamor from “the untold thousands of readers out there who just can’t wait for the latest installment of news about your weight loss.” Those words were posted by a disgruntled member of one of the discussion lists I read. I had challeneged a sweeping generalization he’d made about “kids today” — that they can’t spell and don’t know history, grammar, geography, or anything else because they were taught by “sordid relics of the Simmerin’ Sixties” — and he responded with a blistering attack on me, my character, and my signature file, which includes a reference to this set of posts and pages.

I’m carrying more weight than I want to, but the skin that covers it is not very thick.

The public flaming was swiftly addressed. The list moderator put the offender on review, and he has not been heard from since. I lay low there for a while (it’s a list populated mostly by freelance editors who discuss usage and grammar and elegance of expression), and here too. But it’s the first of May, a brand new month in a brand new season of my life.

As of last Thursday I am at 215.8, one pound away from my “5-pound bookmark.” Weight Watchers used to give a blue cloth ribbon after the first ten pounds. Now it’s a red cardboard bookmark after the first five, and stars you can stick on with each subsequent five pounds. We’re going out to eat tonight — 10% of the evening’s receipts at Friendly’s on Centerville Road in Lancaster go to the Millersville University field hockey team. There’s fewer points if you’re eating for a good cause, right?

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