When Shall We Three Meet Again?

June 23, 2008

When shall we three meet again? . . .
When the hurly-burly’s done.
             — William Shakespeare,  1564-1616, English poet and playwright
                 Macbeth, I:1:i, iii

Last August I wrote about meeting Lynn and my sister and her daughter for lunch, the first time all four of us had been together in five years. I lamented that I had let the afternoon end without a picture of these beautiful young women. I offered instead a picture of the girls and my nephew taken in 1989 on our first trip together to the New Jersey shore.

Lynn, Annie, Brian, Margate City, NJ, 1989

Lynn was almost four, Annie was six, and Brian had just turned nine. What happened to these babies? I asked, and I expressed the wish that not just the two girls, but all three, would be together again soon so I could remedy the omission of the picture.

Well, here we are:

Brian, Lynn, Annie, Malvern, PA 2008

Brian, just turned 28, is a graduate of the University of Miami. He works in New York City in the permissions department of a music publisher. He’s the guy you deal with if you want to use any of the songs in his company’s control in your movie or your commercial. Lynn will be 23 in September, and as readers of this space know, she has graduated from Millersville University and just concluded her second week conjugating immunoglobulins and purifying antibodies. Annie will turn 25 in a few days. She’s  a graduate of James Madison University and has been teaching English in Costa Rica. She is thinking about joining the Peace Corps.

Our afternoon together at my sister’s house was all too brief. They’ve gone back to the hurly-burly of their lives, all the joy and tumult of making their way in this world, their energy carrying them forward. May it not be five years until these three meet again.

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