Winter Count — December

Holidailies 2005 December 29, 2005

Winter Count December

I started my Winter Count before the official start of Holidailies with a picture of the Stabler Trees, one of the first images I took last year with my new camera. Above is how they looked near sunset on the day of the solstice, December 21, 2005.

In December I woke up. I saw that I was headed for another year of spinning my wheels if I didn’t change my patterns. I saw that repeating myself in some ways might be good, but that I didn’t want to get to the first day of Holidailies 2006 still dwelling in possibility instead of accomplishment.

This picture is taken from a slightly different angle, showing four trees instead of three. Even I didn’t realize, until I compared the two, that there was a tree directly behind another in the first picture I took. I am going to let that say something about growth and self-realization, about bringing out hidden parts of myself, about the way forward.

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