In this 400x image of a Shelled Amoeba, viewed from the top of the animal, you can plainly see the sandy, gritty texture of the shell. The appendages sticking out the east and west sides, and the two emerging from the south side are its pseudopods (feet) that it uses for locomotion. The one-celled Amoeba is inside.

Since Shelled Amoebas are not filter feeders, they depend on their ability to hunt and seek out food. So, a Shelled Amoeba on its back will starve unless it finds some way to right itself. It has a way. It generates an air bubble on one side of the shell. This bubble raises that side so the creature now sits on its opposite side, like a coin on edge. It then extends and attaches its pseudopods to the solid bottom and pulls itself over. Ready to proceed once again as a hunter.

If you're not impressed by any of this, remember - these blobs are nothing more than one cell of "goop".

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