I didn't get this Cyanobacteria specimen from my pond but rather from one of my aquariums. If you've had an aquarium for any length of time, you must have seen some of this stuff - although it doesn't look at all like this in the tank.

It accumulates over time on the glass, and sometimes over plants and rocks that are exposed to high power lights, or are placed too close to a light source. It appears as a thin, green film that spreads and spans across objects much like a spider web. It appears and feels like a thin, solid veil, but as can be seen here at 400x magnification, it is much like an algae - probably the reason for its common name of Blue/Green Algae. Its cause, too, is much the same as that which causes algae - too much light and too many nutrients. In an aquarium, frequent water changes will help eliminate it.

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