I pulled a small pinch of this stuff from my 20 gal tank in the house - a sure indication that I needed to do some water changes. This is a 400x image of Brush Algae, or Beard Algae - so called because it appears as a small artist's brush or a beard. It is charcoal in color, soft, easily identified and if it attaches itself to a plant's leaf, it is impossible to remove. Its charcoal color is plainly visible even under the high 400x magnification. Many fine planted aquariums have met their demise because of this Algae. It's difficult to erradicate and spreads quickly. It is believed to come from a high phosphate content. It is rarely a problem in ponds because of our many plants, which absorb the phosphates. Plants, remember, are one of the reasons our pond water maintains its high quality.
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