At the same time I took the previous image, I also took some micro-video (through my scope) of the same Amoeba as it started to slither off, looking for some food morsels to engulf. The video is more effective when these things are moving, and I can get a much higher magnification with the 12x Zoom. Naturally the quality isn't as good, but the detail is more visible. This image is probably in the vicinity of 1200x magnification. This is a small section of one of the Amoeba's branches as it began moving on - with the rest of it "blobbing" along behind. The details are crystals of assorted materials, and undigested food (waste). The crystals and food particles appear as slow-moving bits of glass in a kaleidoscope as they move across the slide. This species of Amoeba lives in the filter where 02 is plentiful. It quickly dies when placed in a container of standing pond water.
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