Two Passages from Online Journals I Will Never Forget

Holidailies sometimes elicits people’s best writing. It also sends me to sites I might not otherwise read. Here are two passages from Holidailies 2004 that especially moved me: 

Sometimes it takes many years to let go of a habit that’s bad for you. Cigarette smoking is supposed to be the hardest. I think that’s wrong. I think love is. The emotional bond may wither away entirely but it takes a long time for the habit to die.
                                — Tamar, Postscript, January 3, 2005

But here’s the reality for me. I have a son, Zeke. I have a daughter, Anastazia. They are not normal, not average, not trivial, not by any subjective or objective measure. They are comet children, whose long orbits are just now crossing through my sky, and who will before long pass out of my purview and light up the entire world. . . . They are beautiful, wise, and wonderful, and they are my children, and their arrival into my life has brought me nothing but good.
                                  — Jan, My Life in 12-point Font, December 31, 2004